I always tried to find how to show the relationship between the visible and the invisible, besides similarities between human and computer through some experiments about how human motions and electric signals can control complexity in real time graphics.

Human body has many organs and systems which can be controlled by electric signals such like a brain wave or a neuron signal. This is very similar to the structure of computer which is controlled by many electric signals from commands. We can see their motions but can’t see their signals. We can just suppose their existences.

If some invisible components around us, for example electromagnetic waves from electronics can be seen visually and they are controlled by other motions in real time, we can feel something between the real space and the surreal space. This imagination was the beginning of my thesis.

So I developed the works based on key concepts in introduction; motion, connection, simplicity and complexity, paradox, vision and dimension. In other words, the whole process is the final output for my thesis, and this will be something between the visible and the invisible.

I hope this work can give many inspirations, and will be developed by other people.

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Human and Computer ;
The Visible and The Invisible

Hayoun Lee

Prof. David Hall

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