0329 - how to show the motion

This post is from my another class; media environment design studio 2013-1 : project 1 (link)

At first, I thought about how to make a relationship between motion and sound. That's the reason why I used a theremin. It could be measured the position with sound changes.

I hung 2 balls to the antenna with 2 types of thread ; elastic and inelastic.

and found values of x, y depth. (also sound pitch)

theremin + motion tracking

I got position values of 3 tracking points from the video I took, and then made a 3D object with 295 vertexes.

3d object _clip motion

screen capture _in Maya

_vertex.x = position.x (0-1024)
_vertex.y = position.y (0-768)
_vertex.z = peak value of theremin sound (1-1000)

And developed it using Plexus effect in After effects.

4 steps with Plexus

Next, I connected my previous work with the night view, because Prof. David said it reminded city lights at night. (and I think so, too)

In addition, I think a circular motion in the 1st video is very similar to a circumpolar star (or the diurnal motion), and city lights are stars on the ground.

Based on this idea, I combined 2 different motions and made a kinetic object using Syntheyes.

5 videos ; theremin + city lights

_ video 1
_ video 2
_ video 1+2 _dot pixels
_ video 1+2 _plexus_line
_ video 1+2 _plexus_triangulation

I think Syntheyes is much easier to track than Tracker in After effects.

screen capture in Syntheyes 

screen capture in Syntheyes

screen capture in After effects

When I tracked the video using Syntheyes, there were some errors from the movements of tracking points. Maybe it was because of cars.

error in Syntheyes and my previous work

I thought this error (or some motions and sounds) could be used for making various changes, and develop my works.

So I took more videos and made some kinetic sculptures controlled by motion. The right side of the video is added a previous motion, and all motions are connected.

kinetic city sculpture
_ video 1 / video 1
_ video 2 / video 1+2
_ video 3 / video 1+2+3

screen capture in After effects

0316 - experiment ; game rules + QR code

I thought the rules of Baduk (or chessChinese checkers, etc) can give variety to fixed motions, and change the sound. But this was NOT a useful experiment for my thesis.

Can I use this idea for another work?

This experiment shows how game rules can change the sound.
I chose 2 songs randomly, and arranged go stones. Also some stones were removed according to the rules.

1st _ The Four Seasons ; Autumn 
2nd _ Moon River (white) vs The Four Seasons ; Autumn (black) 

Also this process reminded me of QR code. So I made some pixel images using these records of Baduk.

QR codes for my blogs 

Baduk codes for sounds 

I think I need to research about gesture and sound.

0312 - analysis

Still I don't know how I can develop this subject, so I organized my thoughts about sound and gesture.

1/ the relation between sound pitch, human body, and math ; about length

sound pitch _organ / violin 

This is also related to Pythagorean tuning.

unit of length with human body + Maya numerals 

2/ visual or structural similarity with musical instrument + sheet

organ / organ sheet _ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 
bread board / go equipment 


3/ the relation between kinect and theremin

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