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This blog is for my thesis project based on motion graphics and interaction under my supervisor, Prof. David Hall.
I will research > experiment > develop > draw a conclusion.

There are some keywords, which I have to select and develop afterwards.


Additive and Subtractive : Moiré Pattern
A moiré pattern, created by two(or more) grids, can change its form and color depending on their movements. This means we can make various patterns which have different penetration ratios of light.

Depth Perception and Distortion : Pseudoscope


Shape and Motion : Hypercube / Tesseract
Tesseract can be unfolded into 8 cubes into 3D space, just as the cube can be unfolded into 6 squares into 2D space. This structure can show both sides of cubes, and connect dimensions in various ways.


Sound and Form : Lissajous FigureHarmonographSpirograph
Sound and Form : PendulumFoucault Pendulum
Lissajous Figure is a flat image but it has 3 axes. By varying the frequency and phase of the pendulums relative to one another, different patterns are created. I think this is a visual identity of each sound.


Persistence of Vision : Persistence of VisionThaumatropeZoetrope
An analog projector can work with one light and a vertical motion. On the same principle, it is possible to install many lights and make a combined image(or animation).

Etc : digital and analog / additive and subtractive / plane and solid / horizontal and vertical / visible and invisible

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